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Seriously guys: the only people who will fill out this survey are people who share your views on this issue. Any information you get from this survey will be skewed and incomplete at best. Obviously it’s not nice to have things posted online about you but you cannot police the internet. You just can’t. People gotta get used to the brave new world and learn to deal with the challenges it brings. - Anon


In this brave new world of the internet, where we communicate through emoji's and where misinformation is spread like a viral disease, where do we draw the line? 
Fake news is absorbed daily. Faces hide behind usernames of anonymity to abuse and bully. Anyone can become a victim.


Including conversations, interviews and anonymous surveys with real people, this multi-media performance is an eye-opening experience for everyone. 

#BraveNewWorld is a verbatim performance constantly updating and adapting to include current events surrounding the internet, cyber-bullying, revenge porn and trolling.

Performed in 2017 and 2019, this powerful production puts a harsh spotlight on difficult topics. In 2019, we started Interactive Workshops:Exploring Rights & Consent on the Web for young people. 

If you are a organisation, community group or school who is interested in this project and bringing it to the young people in your community, email us at

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