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Online Show
A story told from the 4th April to the 10th April

A story about loss of self and loss of time told virtually over seven days.

Separated by the lockdown, a couple struggle to communicate.

Stuck in the backend of nowhere, Mick dismantles and dissects his past, present and future.

Struggling alone in their tiny apartment, Lara can't escape the thoughts in her head.

A story about relationships, mental health and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Performed by Sean Donegan (Nutcase, Derry Playhouse) and Megan Riordan (RIOT by THISISPOPBABY) . Written by Treasa Nealon. Directed by Sonia Norris. Produced by the award-winning The Rabbit's Riot Theatre Company.

This performance will be told online through audio, visuals and word over seven days. Every day at 7pm, a new part of the story will be revealed. 

Funded by the Arts Council Agility Award.