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Is this a #BraveNewWorld?

We live in a world where everything we need to know lives in our pockets. The capital of Kenya. Where the nearest tapas bar is. Even how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. (The answer is 700 pounds.)

We no longer have to depend on our intellect, the internet is our encyclopedia. We as a society are dumbing down and with it our empathy. If people don't agree with another persons opinion on social media (usually in the comment section of a article), be it the success/mess of Donald Trumps presidency or the love/hatred of pineapples on pizza, they are immediately and viciously attacked. Bullying has been taken off the playgrounds and onto Snapchat. If you break up with your partner, they can get revenge by posting personal photographs of you online. We no longer have to confront anyone to their face, instead it can be done behind a screen and through anonymity.

We all know the stories. We see them everyday on our Facebook feed. A teenager who kills themselves because they have been cyber-bullied. A friend who has been a victim of revenge porn. With the growth of technology, these incidents explode at a faster and bigger rate.

I know several women who have been victims of revenge porn and their stories sparked the inspiration to create #BraveNewWorld. This production is the result of nearly a year of research, surveys and discussions with individuals and organisations. Directed by Sonia Norris and starring Chakra Cheyenne, Aisling Mannion and George Hynes, it is essential viewing for parents, teachers, young people and politicians.

Aisling Mannion and Chakra Cheyenne in rehearsals for #BraveNewWorld




31 March - 1 April

The Glens Centre, The New Line, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim

071 9855833

#BraveNewWorld #RevengePorn #Cyberbullying

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