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Hear from Fairytale Land performer Leesa Flynn!

As someone who has been acting with the Rabbits Riot Theatre Company since 2018, it is a

huge honour to be cast as the lead role for their upcoming show, Fairy-Tale Land, this


Having not been able to perform together for a number of years due to the

pandemic, it is so exciting to finally be back in the rehearsal room, learning lines, trying on

costumes and watching set pieces come to life. I myself, am an amateur actor with no

background in acting, so it was wonderful to have a space where I feel like I can perform

freely and use acting as a creative outlet. I feel that in itself is a huge benefit of having a

community theatre company like Rabbits Riot in our locality, because it welcomes everyone.

Our cast is filled with actors, both professional and amateur, with various backgrounds, life

stories, professions and personalities, which is one of the reasons I feel that every Rabbits

Riot production is so well loved, because it has something everyone can relate to.

As I am a wheelchair user, I feel like my situation is quite unique as I have some access

issues in my everyday life that others may not even think of. In past productions that I have

acted in with RRTC, I have chosen to use my walker to perform in as my main goal was to

just fit in with my fellow able-bodied cast members. However, this year I decided with my

main role of Sarah, that it was time that I represented the disability community on the stage

and so I have decided to use my wheelchair on stage for Fairy-Tale Land. I have found this to

be very empowering as wheelchair users are oftentimes forgotten about in the media and

aren’t represented on stage.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I am so grateful to be part of a theatre company like Rabbits Riot, and I hope to take part in many more of their productions in the future.

See Fairytale Land in The Glens Centre this weekend!

📅 8pm Friday

📅 2pm + 8pm Saturday

📅 4pm Sunday

📞 (071) 9855833

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