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It'll be OK

We are living in unprecedented and scary times.

Some of us are in disbelief. Some of us are in denial. Some of us are hovering in a constant state of anxiety.

We will get through them and until then, here is a list of what you can do to get you through this.

  • Read that book you kept meaning to read since you got it last Christmas. Then read ten more.

  • Go for a walk, get that fresh air and clear your head. There is gorgeous walks near you, enjoy them & admire the beautiful nature we are surrounded by.

  • Exercise. Make it fun. Dance in the kitchen to your favourite songs.

  • Reach out to your community. See how you can help the people who might need it most.

  • Facetime the friend that you usually meet for coffee during the week. Check in on the ones you love.

  • Check on people who are losing their income, who have had to temporarily close their businesses, who have been taken suddenly out of school or college in their exam or final year. Lend them an ear and a hand.

  • Send love and support to people working in care settings, working tirelessly for us. Remember that there are people working around the clock for our safety, protection and future.

  • Next time you pick up your groceries in the shop, thank the people working there. They have had to deal with panic-buying and rude customers, they deserve our respect.

  • Cook your favourite dish. Learn more recipes. You might become the next Nigella Lawson!

  • Have a movie marathon of all your favourite films. Make popcorn old school style then regret it because you made a mess.

  • Put your phone down for a few hours. Take a break from social media.

  • Learn something new everyday.

  • Do something new everyday. Take up yoga. Dust off your knitting needles. Do a jigsaw.

  • Finish up that project you have been meaning to for months or years. Be proud of it.

  • Make a list of local businesses/groups in your community that you can support once this is all over. They'll need our custom.

  • Think of all the things there is to look forward too when this is over. Because it will be over.

Look after one another. Stay safe.

We will see on the other side.


Treasa & Sonia


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