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Shazza Was Here!

A Work-In-Progress

'Almost all women in Irish prisons are serving sentences for committing petty crimes, an analysis of statistics shows. Irish Prison Service data for 2017 shows that 95% of women who were incarcerated received sentences for crimes such as shoplifting or handling stolen goods. Substance abuse and homelessness were the main reasons behind the offences, according to experts.' -, April 2019

Sharon Tierney is a young woman in prison for shoplifting and assault. After her ex-drug-dealer (and frenemy) Fit Al smuggles her in some chalk, Shazza transforms her jailcell into a mirage of her history, dreams, hopes, failures and pain. The piece explores poverty, substance abuse and how the prison system treats women who are struggling with mental health issues.

Shazza was here! is an work-in-progress by playwright Treasa Nealon, produced by The Rabbit's Riot Theatre Company and starring actor Rebecca Malone. This project is funded by The Leitrim County Council.

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