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We are delighted to present The Future Inheritors with work created, produced and performed by young people. 

The young people have been taking part in creative writing workshops facilitated by The Rabbit's Theatre Company since 2020.

The work shown below will be a sample of their work and some of their own original pieces, as well as some work written by other young people around the globe.

Supported by Creative Ireland & Leitrim County Counci

Stupid Cupid

by Catherine Young.

Performed by Elle McMorrow


A teenage girl explains why she hates Valentine’s Day.

Untitled - An Audio Piece

written and performed by Kaelan Hanifa.

Performed by Elle McMorrow and Ella O'Callaghan.

Sometimes the most interesting things don’t happen in the real world. Often, they just follow us in our minds. We aren’t fictional heroes in a fantasy world, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t our own main characters. Even in our quietest moments, we can be as interesting as ever.
We don’t need witches or heroes for a great story. Maybe, you just need five silent people in a waiting room. As I said, we aren’t in a fairytale.

Untitled - An Audio PieceKaelan Hanifa
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Jailhouse Wolf

written by Konrad Poniatowski.

Performed by Kaelan Hanifa

The Wolf from the Three Little Pigs complains to his cellmate in jail.

Barry Baker

written and performed by Ben Gilhooly

illustrations by Maddie, Trixie, Arthur, Cait and Charlotte

Barry is walking, while the narrator is talking.