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The Last Night
by Treasa Nealon

'...we used to fabricate entire worlds and adventures with it.

Why did we ever stop?’

Alongside her siblings, Anne Parkes weaves tales of magic and myth in the courtyard of her home Parkes Castle for the very last time. For tomorrow she is to leave, never to return.

A film about growing up, family and the stories we carry with us.

Performed by Lisa Murphy, Laura Marie O'Connor and Stephen Burke. Written by Treasa Nealon. Directed by Sonia Norris. Filmed and edited by Jonas Dellow. Featuring music from Deirdre Armstrong of Kíla. Produced by the award-winning The Rabbits Riot Theatre Company.

Funded by the Leitrim County Council and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. With thanks to the OPW. Parkes Castle and The Glens Centre.

Filmed at Parkes Castle, Hazlewood Forest and at Glenade Lake. Photos taken by Cat Bonner Photography.

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